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Andromeda Hotels Athens:

Andromeda Hotels Athens - Holidays Greece

A unique hotel with elegant style has a most excellent place, in the operational heart of Athens - from the avenue Vassilisis Sofias - in the American embassy, the hotel Andromeda has taken the precedence as hotel "styles boutique" in the city. The hotel Andromeda is member of small hotels of luxury of world. Above in the entry of hotel you are converted immediately in a luxurious world where each comprehensible need is covered, from the professional employers that take the big pride in your aid at the duration of entire eve. 

The hotel provides 30 spaciously, the rooms, the sequences and the studios that are drawn and with the attention from the known professionals and it waits for it entertains distinguishing travellers. Exist 17 spaces, 4 studios, 9 sequences and retire'. 

All are equipped with the satellite television, the mini barrier, the channels of music, the direct telephone of tables and the direct connection for the tealeaf and the systems of communications of elements. 

The studios have kitchenette the installations for long remaining entertained. 

The redcap of night of/Concierge, telephone centre of 24 hour, system of control TV of entries and impedes is available then application. 

With a hot, romantic atmosphere, all the bedrooms have been provided carefully with hand furniture’s, the thin work of art and the mirrors. All the baths are named exceptionally with crystal and stainless steel that is equipped completely with all the modern elements. 

Services and installations: 
- Mini barrier 
- Service of rooms 
- Operational centre 
- Sound and picture 
- The satellite and pays the TV 
- Internet in all the rooms 
- Rooms of conference and meeting 
- A restaurant and barrier La Carte 
- Secretarial and audiovisual installations 
- Washing-machine, personal servant and service Limousine 
- Digital lines of communication ISDN for the elements 

Installations of rooms: Satellite television, mini barriers, channels of music, direct telephones of tables, connection with the Internet/port of elements.

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