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Candia Maris Hotels Crete:

Candia Maris Hotels Crete - Holidays Greece

Precisely 6.2 km from the city Heraklion and 11 km from the international airport, Candia Maris   dominates the region with his architecture. The harmonious traditional materials of combination OD, as the brick and the marble, the opinion of sea from all the regions of hotel without exception, and the friendly disposal of personnel, constitute a unique recipe for the and interruptions. 

The Candia Maris with his 257 rooms of luxury functions as hotel of resort and with the completely equipped centre "Thalasso" his and complete centre of lectures is one unit that offers all a hotel deluxe and a resort of interruptions, that is combined with facilities and the social life of hotel of cities, which remains naturally open at all the duration of year. 

ALL the INCLUDING "packing Deluxe from April up to October 
Services of foods and drinks 
Complete table in the main restaurant (self-service styles of buffets) 
Complete American breakfast (07,00 - 10.00)  
Continental breakfast (10.00-11.00)  
Dinner (14.30)12,30--that is accompanied by the not alcoholic drinks, local beer, local wine (self-service)  
Prematurely I slowed children (high season the 19.30-20.00)  
Dinner (21.30)19,00--that is accompanied the not alcoholic drinks, the local beer (self-service) and the wine that is served from  
Restaurants La Carte (19.30-22.00) 

Greek restaurant * "Arhanes"  
Room * "Andromeda of" grills 
* FIVE days weekly, reserve that is required - choice of starters or salads from the buffet, that is accompanied by the not alcoholic drinks, locally beer and wine that is served 
Exits of off-hand foods (self-service) 
Barrier of off-hand foods of lakes (11.00-17.30)  
Barrier of off-hand foods of beaches (11.00-17.30)  
Barrier of off-hand foods of midnight (22.00-24.00)  
Barriers (self-service) 
Romantic barrier ** lobby (10.00-24.00)  
Barrier of beaches * (11.00-17.30)  
Tropical barrier ** of lakes (11.00-18.00)  
* Not alcoholic drinks, Aperitifs, local beer 
 ** not alcoholic drinks, locally beer and wine, cocktail 

Evenings of buffets of subject in the main restaurant  
Department of prohibition of smoking in the main restaurant  
Official dress that is required in all the restaurants at the duration of dinners of evening (no one shorts, top) 

Off-hand foods (boiling hot and cold appetizing) 11.00-17.30, 22.00-24.00  
Drinks: The not alcoholic drinks, the local wine and the beer, locally and imported the spirits ("commercial signal", drinks of premium and CHAMPAGNE that are excluded) the 10.00-24.00  
Time of coffee: Coffee of filters of barriers of off-hand foods of lakes (15:3016:30), tea and variety of biscuits  
Ice-cream (11.00-17.30, 19.00-21.30, 22.00-24.00)  

Six-days that even the program of liveliness: 
Cretan live evening of music or international night Zorbas of areas of music live (a time the week)  
 Disco (barrier "bridge of musical amusement of wage of sky")  
Pole of water  
Competition of knowledge  
Competitions of dance  
Gymnastics Aqua  
Various championships  
Courses Strake   
 Table games  

Athletic activities 
Tennis Floodlit and court of basketball (hardly) 
(one hour/a reserve that is daily required/a free equipment) 08,00 - 23,00  
mini golf  
Way Jogging and sees  
Table tennis  
2 Grounds squash (timber) *  
2 mini courts of football (52x27m and 60x40) *  
Bicycles of mountains (one hour/a reserve that is daily required/a'nw the 16 years) * 08.00-18.00  
* With a additional expense, reserve that is required 

It can exist a time limit in the free use of athletic installations per day, so all entertained they can they have the occasion them use. 

 installations of beaches ((10,00 - 18.00) 
 Sun beds and umbrellas  
Canoe *  
 Peddles *  
 Windsurfing * (free only for the valid holders of certificates)  
 Volley of beaches  
Altered cabins  
 Lifeguard in the duty from the 15/0530/09  

MAIN SWIMMING-POOL 08.00-19.00  
Installations: Sun beds and umbrellas, shower, altered rooms, WC  
Installations: Sun beds and umbrellas, shower, altered rooms, WC  
RELAX the lake- LAKE (April and October) 08.00-19.00  
The entry is not allowed in the children under 16 years  
Installations: The Sun beds and the umbrellas, shower, altered rooms, WC, sauna - Hamm (Turkish bath), they relax the faculty  
LAKE OF 08.00-18.00 CHILDREN  
The children should always be accompanied from one adult.  
The water slips 10.00-18.00 (May-October)  
Time that allows for the children the 6 years, according to the regulations on the safety  

Children of (4-14 years) 

mini-club - daily apart from Sundays  
Liveliness of children: The mini disco, mini presents, competitions, etc  
Video with the moved drawings and the films of children  
Lake of children  
Prematurely I slowed in the main restaurant (20,0019,30--high season)  
Keep of baby then application (additional expense)  
Seats of babies in the restaurant  
Babies available then application (additional expense)  
Additional in the services of expenses  
Calls and telefax  
Sure boxes of deposit  
Recent rooms of controls (departure after 12,00 m.m.)  
Access of Internet  
Central individual services Thalasso  
Central individual services of beauty *  
Services of gymnastics CYBEX *  
2 Grounds squash (timber) *  
2 mini courts of football (52x27 and 60x40) *  
Service of washing-machines  
special romantic dinner *  
Pay in the barrier "bridge of musical amusement of sky" 23.00-02.00 ***  
Keep of baby *  
Service of rooms (07:00 - 24:00)  
Drinks of "commercial signal" and "premium", imported beer ***  

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