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St John Hotels/Villas :

St John Hotels/Villas  - Holidays Greece

Brand new (2003 that opens) hotel of luxury of complex superior rooms and sequences, villas and standardised rooms of hotels Saint John ignores Aegean sea and the holy island Delos, only 4,2 km from the city Mykonos. 

The hotel offers the accommodation of high models, the exceptional service and the pleasant Greek hospitality. 

The resort is extended in sqm 20.000 the ground in the sector of taxes Ionise, very near from the city Mykonos in one of the better location son island. From the familiarity of their private balcony or from sqm 2000 the region of lakes, entertained they can enjoy the fascinating view of sea, sunset as well as island of God Apollo, Delos. 
A main characteristic of Saint John is the privately-owned 200 metre long beach, the region of lakes sum 2000 that it includes sqm the 600 swimming-pools. The resort is constituted by the 156 rooms, bungalow and sequences all with the private balcony and fascinating opinion of sea, sunset and island Delos. 

Four regions of conferences and meeting until 800 individuals that offer in the situation of progress the technical installations, particularly educated personnel, e'xoha equipped operational centre. 

 Sqm above the 2.000 outside interval of Treaties and operation of doors from the impressive region of lakes from the abrupt rock with sum 600 the surface of water. Dinners ideal placing Milk and the makes for above 1.500 individuals with the choices of sector of focus the solutions in order to they satisfy the requirements and your expectations. 

Dine it is here a experience. Enjoy your breakfast with the extensive buffet that is enriched with the local foods, the home-grown vegetables and the fresh juices of compactions in the being air-conditioned internal region of restaurant, or in kissed sun tables. 

All and coffees our regions have a fascinating opinion of sea. Relax and suck sip your beloved drink in the shade one from our coffees, in the barrier of lakes or in our club of beaches. In order to we dine you the pleasure, we offer in the most official outskirts a restaurant La carte. 

 148 Dwma'tja Deluxe 
8 Sequences of bedroom 
3 Two sequences of bedrooms 
2 Two private villas of bedrooms with the private swimming-pool 
1 Private villa of three bedrooms with the private swimming-pool 
 Non-smoking rooms available. 

The hotel offers after   the installations of rooms 
Intelligent rooms with the complex electronic regulation of temperature of bodies 
Direct table two telephones of lines with the modem fax, port of elements 
Lines of connection, phonetic post and ISDN 
Region of work with the office 

Celktjko'tites of hotels 
Access for the persons with special needs 
Clinical first aids 
washing-machine/personal servant 
Work, amusement and relaxation of services of relations entertained 
Operational centre with the stations of work PC and secretarial installations. 
Direct line ISDN of tables in each room. 
Above 200 the interval of report. 
Regions of laboratories that support the installations of conferences. 
Overseen centre of daily care. 
Private beach that occupies the island Delos. 
Sports of water (dive of diving suits, makes ski, marine ski ). 
Chapel with the architectural Cycladic in the installations of hotels. 
Three restaurants and three barriers. 
Terrace and gardens of lakes, ideal for the operations. 
Room of Internet. 
Traditional shop of coffee (caffeine). 
Lounge of clubs with the private region of reception. 
Ground of tennis. 
Microscopic football (FIVE--FIVE). 
Control of backs of horse. 
Bigger swimming-pool of hotels in the island Mykonos
Lake Kiddies. 
Extensive club and source of health of included sauna, , the internal lake, aromatherapy, servant of massages, and the baths of mud. 
Centre of beauty of included stylists, facials, the manicure and pedicure. 
Centre of faculty of included completely equipped gymnastics

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